Month: May 2020 - Mould & Air Quality Testing


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Mould in the Workplace

  • Posted by: Alex Wilkie

Workplace mould can be a major concern for Australian businesses. As an employer who wants to protect their staff, it’s important to be aware of the negative effects of mould, and to carry out regular air quality testing. If you want to protect your workers, mould removal and remediation is crucial.

What Is The Ideal Relative Humidity For Your Home?

  • Posted by: Alex Wilkie

Maintaining ideal temperature and humidity levels inside your home is crucial to your health and happiness. Not only does humidity affect your quality of life, it also affects the quality of your air and your general state of health and well-being. The term”relative humidity” is often used in this context, and refers to the ratio of water vapour relative to the air temperature.

How To Prevent Mould In Carpets

  • Posted by: Alex Wilkie

Mould can grow almost anywhere, but carpeting represents the most attractive location mould in homes and businesses. If carpet is installed in a moist environment, or gets wet and remains that way for a few days, mould growth is extremely likely. Even when carpet is dry to the touch, the under layers may remain wet and create mould problems.

Steam Cleaning Carpets and Mould Growth

  • Posted by: Alex Wilkie

Sometimes, the things we do to look after our home can create additional problems. Steam cleaning can be very effective at removing stains, but can also lead to mould growth throughout your home due to increased moisture exposure over time.

Household Mould Under a Microscope!

  • Posted by: Alex Wilkie

Here are some of the most commonly found mould genera in water damaged houses, as seen under the microscope!