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DIY Mould Sampling Guide

DIY Mould Sampling Guide Instructions

  • Step 1 –Take air samples

    • On the sample cassette, write a sample number (write 1 if it’syour first sample) and a location description (e.g. laundry)
    • Take off both of the sticker seals (save for resealing later)
    • Firmly place the round outtake hole on thecassette into the head of the pump
    • Hold the pump in your hand and hold it a minimum of 30cm from any surface
    • Turn the pump on and hold it in place for 5 minutes, try to minimize the amount of movement from the original position to eliminate any variance
    • Place the seals back on to the ends of the cassette
    • Place the cassette into the supplied zip lock bag
    • Repeat for more cassettes if needed
  • Step 2 –Take surface samples

    • Put on the supplied nitrile gloves
    • Remove the sample from the case. On the surface sample label, write a sample number and a location description
    • Hold the sample on the label side and peel of the plastic, making sure not to accidentally touch the exposed adhesive section of the slide (this could skew results)
    • Place the exposed adhesive side down onto the intended surface for 1 second and then release
    • Place the sample back into the case and close it
    • Repeat for more cassettes if needed
  • Step 3 –Purchase Lab analysis

    • Go to the SALES page on our website, and order the required number of tests needed for the samples you have taken e.g. If 3 x air samples and 2 x surface samples are taken, then purchase 3 x Air-O-Cell lab fees and 2 x Bio-tape lab fees
    • When purchasing, you will be asked for your name, email address, and best contact information
  • Step 4 –Send samples back

    • Place pump, and all the samples back into the box
    • Fill out the Chain of Custody Form including your receipt number and place into the box
    • You may drop the box back to us or you can deliver it to us at: IECL, 5/158 Murarrie Rd, Murarrie QLD 4172