Mould Laboratory Analysis - Mould & Air Quality Testing

Mould Laboratory Analysis

IECL offers services in identification of mould to the Genus level.

Does your business provide mould inspections as part of your service range?

If YES, then IECL can help by offering microscopy analysis with fast turnaround times, affordable fees and excellent customer service.

Our team can provide you with professional and reliable analysis within the short time frame many of our clients require. Laboratory analysis can be provided for :

  • Mould non-viable Air and Surface Samples
    • Bio-Tapes
    • Air-O-Cells
  • Viable  mould – identification of fungal cultures (available soon)
  • E.coli and Coliforms surface samples and water samples
  • Pollen
  • Soot particles
  • Dust (Dust mites) and debris

Results are listed in an easy to read report as per this Sample Report.

For the cost of laboratory services, please speak to our friendly team.


IECL also stocks a range of sampling consumables including the Bio-Tapes, Air-O-Cells and swabs.

for Mould and Air Testing Businesses

- 3 x Free Mould Analysis samples sent to IECL
- Free Consumables (Air-O-cell/Biotapes)- Free Air Pump Hire

Limit of 1 free trial per company. This offer is only valid for businesses who offer mould and air quality assessments as part of their operations.